The Data Innovation Hub (DI-Hub) aims at transforming the landscape of public services in the region by instilling data-driven evidence-based decision-making for sanitation-related projects. We collaborate with academia, partners across region and broad stakeholders including governments to foster data innovation in supporting Citywide Inclusive Sanitation planning. Currently, DI-Hub supports the Government of Bangladesh’s flagship Strengthening of Public Data Systems programme aiming to catalyze SDG 6.2 outcomes. This involves establishing a centralized & distributed Sanitation Data Command Center, housing an integrated ecosystem of national and sub-national data systems including National Sanitation Dashboard and Integrated City/Municipal Information System for planning, effective service delivery and monitoring & evaluation. In Bangladesh, in partnership with key data partners, we are spearheading the development of foundational elements for the Government of Bangladesh’s flagship initiative, “Strengthening of Public Data Systems for Sanitation.” This initiative is designed to accelerate SDG 6.2 outcomes while advancing the Smart Bangladesh Agenda 2041. Our focus is on establishing an integrated ecosystem of public data systems that enable seamless information flow from standardized unified sub-national data platforms to the national sanitation dashboard and ultimately to the SDG Tracker. This integration is facilitated by the establishment and implementation of a robust data governance framework, which sets non-negotiable rules and processes for data collection, processing, storage, distribution, and utilization, with a paramount emphasis on safeguarding data privacy and security.

In Nepal, our efforts are centered on scaling up the Integrated Municipal Information System. This comprehensive platform leverages geo-spatial technologies to plan, deliver and monitor services. Alongside it aims to bolster, digitize, and optimize municipal functions while fostering transparency and accountability.

Likewise, in India, the DI Hub, is coordinating and financing the development of a gray water management module to monitor the performances of graywater interventions in Odisha.