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We focus on accessing the economic viability of various sanitation interventions through a cost–benefit analysis in the Mahalaxmi municipality of Nepal. The lack of affordable sewer-based sanitation systems in low- and middle-income countries poses a challenge to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 6.2 (safe sanitation). We examine three sanitation scenarios: 100% sewered sanitation, 100% non-sewered sanitation, and a hybrid scenario that combines both. We consider the perspectives of residents, the private sector, and the government. Estimated life-cycle costs, benefits (primarily reduced mortality and morbidity), and stakeholder roles are analyzed. The results provide evidence-based insights that facilitate decision-making for sanitation interventions in similar contexts. However, limitations include a focus solely on health benefits and a lack of detailed data on other potential benefits.


Videos & Webinars

From Risk to Resilience: Climate Change and Disaster Adaptation Strategies for WASH

Turning the Tide: Role of Statutory Bodies in Abating River Pollution

Learning LAB on Monitoring Gender in WASH Opportunities and Challenges

GWSC Expert Talks (GET): Jack Sim, aka ‘Mr. Toilet’, and Prof. Thammarat Koottatep, a stalwart in sanitation research and innovation.

The Leverage Model for Sanitation Advocacy by Prof. Jack Sim, aka ‘Mr. Toilet’.

AIT Performance Testing Laboratory for Prefabricated Domestic Wastewater Treatment.

NATS Laboratory: wastewater sludge and fecal sludge analysis and proficiency testing laboratory.

Webinar 1 – Monitoring and Reporting SDG 6.3.1 – AIT & UNHABITAT

Webinar 2 – Monitoring and Reporting SDG 6.3.1 – AIT & UNHABITAT

Webinar 3 – Monitoring & Reporting SDG 6.3.1 – AIT & UNHABITAT

Webinar 4 – Monitoring and Reporting SDG 6.3.1 – AIT & UNHABITAT

Webinar 5 – Monitoring and Reporting SDG 6.3.1 – AIT & UNHABITAT

Webinar 6 – Monitoring and Reporting SDG 6.3.1 – AIT & UNHABITAT

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