Global Water & Sanitation Center and AIT International School Join Forces to Host Art Challenge for World Toilet Day 2023

The Global Water & Sanitation Center (GWSC) is thrilled to announce the art challenge for kids from the Asian Institute of Technology International School (AITIS) in this year’s World Toilet Day Celebration! Dubbed as The GWSC Hummingbirds, these young artists are set to take flight and create a buzz with their incredible artwork. 

Partnering with the AITIS, the GWSC is hosting an art challenge in honor of World Toilet Day 2023, taking place on November 19. Students in Grade 3, 4, 5, and 6 are in for a fun-filled art day, guided by their talented art teachers, to bring their ideas to life. The Art Challenge provides an exciting platform for these budding artists to unleash their creativity and demonstrate their understanding of water and sanitation issues through virtual art and storytelling. 

This year, the hummingbird takes center stage as the symbol of World Toilet Day and World Water Day 2023. These kids will be known as the GWSC Hummingbirds. Each grade will have the opportunity to showcase their artwork on Facebook, where the public can vote for their favorite piece. The Facebook GWSC Hummingbirds will be selected through this voting process, while the panel of judges will also determine winners per grade. Like the remarkable hummingbird, toilets play an indispensable role in our lives. The art challenge aims to amplify the voices of these young artists as they express their ideas, solutions, and perspectives on sustainable global water and sanitation through visually captivating art forms. 

The SDG6 Synergy on World Toilet Day Art Challenge, themed “In the Lens of the Hummingbirds for a Sustainable Global Water and Sanitation Future,” encourages innovative thinking and encourages engagement among the younger generation for vital water and sanitation discussions. With this art challenge, we aim to gauge the kids’ knowledge and awareness of current trends and issues surrounding toilet facilities and water and sanitation practices. It also emphasizes the importance of cleanliness and the significant role toilets, water, and clean spaces play in maintaining good health. Even at such a young age, these kids are already well-informed about the importance of toilets, water, and sanitation in our lives. 

The art challenge strives to spark change and raise awareness on key topics. Some suggested subjects include educating individuals about the significance of toilets, highlighting the role of toilets, water, and clean spaces in maintaining good hygiene, advocating responsible water usage by discouraging excessive flushing, and promoting the prevention of water pollution by discouraging improper disposal of food, oil, medicine, and chemicals. 

Let’s believe in the power and agency of our Hummingbirds as they embark on this meaningful journey of art for change. Together, let’s create a world where toilets are accessible for all!