Recently, GWSC, in collaboration with Athena Infonomics, hosted an insightful workshop on Geospatial planning approach and the application of the EquiServe tool for citywide inclusive sanitation. This initiative underscored GWSC’s commitment to facilitating sustainable and equitable sanitation across the globe.

The workshop was a melting pot of professionals, drawing 9 participants from Southeast Asia, a remarkable 178 from South Asia, and 6 from Africa. The room buzzed with the collective wisdom of 26 seasoned professionals, each carrying over five years of invaluable experience in the sanitation sector. This rich tapestry of backgrounds set the stage for an enriching exchange of experiences and best practices.

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The workshop’s success has planted seeds for a broader impact on global sanitation services. GWSC’s session, in particular, was a beacon for future initiatives, inspiring participants to carry forward the lessons learned into their communities. The GWSC remains optimistic about the ripple effects of this knowledge-sharing, confident that it will translate into tangible improvements in sanitation services worldwide.┬áThe workshop epitomized GWSC’s resolve to advance global sanitation services. It demonstrated the power of collective expertise and the value of shared learning in achieving meaningful progress. GWSC invites all committed professionals and stakeholders to join hands in this ongoing journey to enrich lives through improved sanitation, ensuring a healthier future for all.