Progress in Digital Governance in Kushtia and Faridpur Municipalities as part of Strengthening of Public Data Systems for Sanitation in Bangladesh

June 3 to June 13, 2024 – Kushtia and Faridpur, Bangladesh – Innovative Solution Pvt. Ltd., On the beahlf of GWSC, whom recently conducted a series of site visits to the offices of the Honorable Mayors Md. Anwar Ali of Kushtia Municipality and Mr. Amitave Bose of Faridpur Municipality. The purpose of these visits was to discuss the implementation and integration of the Base Integrated Management Information System (IMIS) with the existing digital infrastructure in these municipalities.

Orientation and Briefing

The site visits commenced with an orientation session on IMIS, highlighting the objectives and scope of the visit. Key topics included Sanitation Plan and Bylaws where discussions were held to understand the current sanitation strategies and regulations, and how they could be enhanced through IMIS with discussing the of the possibilty of intergration of other systems with IMIS. Following the discussions with the honorable mayors, the focus shifted to the IT departments of both municipalities. Key activities included with reviewing the various e-governance initiatives currently in place, demonstrating the potential for IMIS to complement these systems. Furthermore an assessment of the existing IT infrastructure and the technical skills and experience of the staff was conducted to ensure readiness for IMIS integration.

The visits also involved in-depth discussions with heads of departments and senior officials. These aimed to Examine the potential for integrating building approval processes, septic tank compliance, tax status monitoring, and other systems with IMIS and Gain a detailed understanding of the stages involved in building approvals, including information collection and process flow. This marks an important milestone in the journey towards a Strengthening of Public Data Systems for Sanitation in Bangladesh The successful implementation of IMIS could serve as a model for other municipalities across Bangladesh and beyond.

Digital Transformation of Sanitation Services in Lakshmipur Paurashava

June 8, 2024 – Under the Strengthening of Public Data Systems for Sanitation in Bangladesh (SPDSSB) Programme, managed by AIT Global Water & Sanitation Center, data partner Streams Tech Ltd. conducted a pivotal session titled “Project Coordination and Orientation on the Implementation of the Public Data System (IMIS)” in Lakshmipur Paurashava. This event took place on June 8, 2024, and aimed at revolutionizing sanitation service delivery through digitalization.

Meeting Overview

The primary goal of the meeting was to introduce the IMIS implementation project in Lakshmipur, detailing the roles of GWSC, Streams Tech Ltd., and other implementation partners. Participants received an orientation on the Base IMIS platform, including its various modules. Additionally, a proposed plan for a household survey and GIS data collection, scheduled from July through September, was discussed. The session also clarified the support required from Lakshmipur Paurashava and the DPHE Lakshmipur office for effective IMIS implementation.

Presentations and Discussions

Ms. Dilruba Farzana, Deputy Project Director of the Lives and Livelihood Fund (LLF) 10-Town Project, DPHE, provided a comprehensive overview of the project. She explained its objectives, activities, and expected outputs, focusing on the Inclusive and Integrated Sanitation and Hygiene Project in 10 priority towns in Bangladesh, also known as the LLF 10-Town Project. Ms. Farzana introduced the IMIS implementation component in Lakshmipur, supported by GWSC, Innovative Solution Pvt. Ltd., and Streams Tech Ltd.

Ms. Makfie Farah from GWSC highlighted the importance of IMIS for effective information management and how it can significantly enhance the sanitation service delivery capabilities of the Paurashava.

Mr. Shamsuddin, Assistant Engineer (Water Supply and Sanitation) from Lakshmipur Paurashava, provided a status update on their current sanitation and solid waste management facilities and related activities.

Mr. Adil Hassan from Streams Tech Ltd. detailed the planned activities for IMIS implementation in Lakshmipur. He also provided a live demonstration of the existing sanitation and other functional modules of Base IMIS.

Commitment from Paurashava Officials

The Mayor and councilors expressed strong interest and commitment to adopting Base IMIS for digitalizing their sanitation service delivery. They assured necessary cooperation from the Paurashava office


The collaborative efforts mark a significant step towards modernizing municipal governance through advanced digital solutions. The successful implementation of IMIS in Lakshmipur could serve as a model for other municipalities across Bangladesh, enhancing efficiency, transparency, and service delivery in local governance.