Yogyakarta is taking a big step towards a cleaner future with smart sanitation technology. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) and the Pijar Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to implement this innovative solution on Friday, June 28, 2024. Witnessed by the Asian Institute of Technology Thailand and the Provincial Environmental and Forestry Department, the signing marks the initiation of the smart sanitation demonstration in 15 locations in Yogyakarta.

Signing of MOU by Mr. Robby Kusumaharta, KADIN’s Deputy Chairperson and Mr. Ferro Ferizka Aryananda, Pijar Foundation’s Executive Director.


The sanitation technology is developed to enhance environmental quality in Yogyakarta by optimizing wastewater management for reuse and minimizing environmental impact. It aims to be a model for the entire province, promoting a circular economy and sustainability. The first phase will see installation in 5 strategic locations, with 10 more surveyed for future installations. AIT GWSC takes this opportunity to present the project scope, the sanitation technology, and the initial site assessment to potential beneficiaries such as schools, low-income housings, education parks and invited stakeholders such as local governments, the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) and commercial partner: SCG Indonesia.

Signing of Project Agreement by Mr. Rahadi Saptata Abra, KADIN’s Deputy for Environment and Ms. Cazadira Fediva Tamzil, Pijar’s Director of Public Policy.


Many Yogyakarta residents and businesses currently rely on septic tanks. Poorly constructed or maintained tanks risk contaminating water sources (E-coli). Further compounding the issue, many riverside residents lack proper sanitation facilities, leading to direct discharge of untreated wastewater into rivers and canals.

KADIN envisions growth of wastewater treatment products manufacturing in Yogyakarta.
Hendra Gupta, GWSC, AIT presented the initial site assessment.

KADIN and the Pijar Foundation & consortium, collaborating with other organizations, initiated this pilot project to showcase smart sanitation’s potential. Successful implementation will provide valuable data and empower local authorities to adopt sustainable sanitation solutions. This in turn, will inform future sanitation policies for a cleaner Yogyakarta.

Group photos with everyone posing with the shared vision of raising me up through sanitation.