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The Technical Assistance (TA) program of the Citywide Inclusive Sanitation (CWIS) Scaling Hub at the Asian Institute of Technology Thailand aims to provide technical support to governments, development banks, and other development partners in the South and Southeast Asian regions. The goal is to enhance the capability and capacity of investment projects by guiding the entire project cycle, from project identification to post-implementation monitoring and evaluation, ensuring that the projects are CWIS intentional and transformative.

The TA program was previously based in Dhaka, Bangladesh and has been successful in securing nearly $1 billion in investments in the sanitation sector through its collaboration with international financial institutions such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. The relocation to AIT in Thailand offers a strategic location and the trust of several sector players.

The TA program at AIT will provide tailored technical assistance to improve the quality of selected investment projects and promote transformative technologies, such as the Reinvented Toilet Technology, Omni Processor. It will also collaborate with local and national governments to institutionalize the CWIS approach into practice and develop indicators and frameworks to ensure sustainable scaling.

Providing proper and inclusive sanitation services is an urgent priority, and the TA program at AIT will play a critical role in securing funding, demonstrating successful implementation practices, and leveraging large investments for CWIS in the South and Southeast Asian regions.

CWIS Scaling Hub

A public service approach to advance Equitable, Safe, and Sustainable outcomes, by strengthening the design and implementation of core public system functions of Responsibility, Accountability, and Resource Planning and Management.

Global Water and Sanitation Center is located beside the AIT Conference Center at AIT Pathumthani Campus.

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